What’s it like to work together? Here’s what you need to know. Fill out the Wedding Inquiry - yes, I know it’s long, but I promise, it’s helpful to you and to me. 

Next, we’ll have a consultation. The consultation is thorough! We go over all your floral dreams, we narrow down what you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE, what you’d love to have, and what isn’t actually important to you. Then, I send you a customized proposal and you know the drill from there. 

Clients have repeatedly told me that they appreciate my unique style of consultation. What’s pretty great, is after that initial phone call, once you’ve decided to go with me, you can go ahead and check florals off your to-do list. Typically, we schedule 1 call about 3 months before your wedding and I show up on event day with your flowers and my team in tow. It really can be that easy

While you rest easy knowing your flowers are handled. I’m in the background, ordering vessels, building recipes, finding the best blooms for your designs, praying for you guys, sourcing ribbons, making sure the boutonniere pins are here, ironing ribbons, and navigating an ever-changing floral wholesale market.

Whether you need an elopement bouquet or you need flowers everywhere, I’M HERE FOR IT.

Yes, for 2024 there is a minimum of $4000. We will be taking a limited number of full-service weddings and/or elopements, because we are welcoming our second child and need time to adjust to being a family of 4. 

I’ll travel anywhere, but typically I serve about a 2-hour radius of Timberville, VA. That usually looks like NoVA, DC, the Shenandoah Valley, and the eastern panhandle of WV.

 I can absolutely help! I’m available for all sorts of events, showers, birthdays, holidays, you name it! Fill out the General Inquiry form.

 I don’t! I need about 2 weeks' notice to build your designs. This is because I’m not a full-service floral shop and don’t keep flowers on hand. Each design is custom ordered.

 I’m proud to say about 90% of my flowers are grown in the U.S. Supporting the flower industry in the U.S. is a foundational piece of One Last Avocado. During the growing season here in VA (late March-Oct.) I source locally (50-mile radius of Timberville) as much as I possibly can. Typically, if you need roses, I ship those in from CA. Nov-March, I source from farms on the west coast. If I can’t find what we need from a U.S. farm, we then source internationally. 

 If you like, I’ll come back and pick up and dispose of the flowers. A lot of my clients like to give their floral arrangements away to family and friends. Sometimes, I’ll repurpose your flowers into bouquets to hand out to your guests. Other times, I bring them home and make sure they are disposed of properly (sometimes that means MY friends, family, & neighbors get flowers).

YES! I LOVE DOING STYLED SHOOTS! I donate my time to the shoot and expect that the cost of fresh goods will be covered by the planners of the shoot. Fill out the General Inquiry form.

 Yup! I offer multiple workshops throughout the year. You may have attended a Dried Floral Pumpkin Party in the fall. I’m working to create fun & unique opportunities throughout the year. Pretty much any workshop does super well for corporate settings.

 Check IG. Any pop-ups are noted there. The Flower Flight (a build a bouquet bar) typically makes it’s appearances in the spring, fall, and sometimes Christmas. It also is available for showers, parties, and corporate events. If you’re interested in the Flower Flight for your event, reach out via the contact box and we’ll chat!

what people say

"[I'm] Very excited for my wedding florals already & it’s because of the care & time Ket went into in making me feel comfortable in the consultation process.

Cannot recommend One Last Avocado enough - [I] have her booked for my wedding April 2023 & I have to say the consultation process was OTT & I was so impressed! It was more than just “what are you looking for, here’s my price quote.” Ket & I were on the phone for over an hour as she provided a detailed scope of what flowers would be in season around my wedding, what different bouquets/corsages would look like, & helped me figure out what I would need to source myself if I didn’t want to source things such as displays & candles through her. ”

-Bronwyn U.

our work

LIZ a.

"Conveying what I had envisionED was such an easy process and I greatly appreciated how smoothly we were able to communicate"

"Last year I hired Ket to do some boho florals for my 10 year vow renewal. I was OVER THE MOON with what she delivered. Conveying what I had envisioned was such an easy process and I greatly appreciated how smoothly we were able to communicate and plan out the details. If you want a florist with incredible talent, a true heart for what she does and a clear and effective approach to helping you have stunning florals Ket is your girl

diana l.

"She clearly has a love and talent for her work, and it shines in what she does! 

I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Keturah on the flowers for our wedding. She created my bridal bouquet, boutonnières for my husband and my father, and corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom along with an installation that served as the backdrop for our ceremony and family photos. During our initial consultation she asked lots of questions to make sure she knew our likes, dislikes, and the look and feel of our wedding. Her designs were gorgeous and original, incorporating blooms that were local and in-season. She went the extra mile in building her own frame for the installation when the one she normally used was unavailable. The arrangements she made for the installation were lovely and unique in their use of red amaranth to create a cascading effect. Guests are still complementing us on how lovely the flowers were even 4 months after our wedding!
I would not hesitate to recommend Keturah to a bride (anyone) looking for floral designs using in-season blooms and creative flair.

lucy r.

"Our bouquet was super beautiful and one I won’t forget.

Absolutely recommend! Our bouquet was super beautiful and one I won’t forget. It helped make our marriage celebration so much more beautiful!!! You can tell she puts a lot of love and time into what she does. Highly recommend five out of five🥰 she made just what I wanted :)

mireille O.

"I cried when I saw the flowers the day of as they were exactly what I envisioned.

I just wanted to share my sincere gratitude for the INCREDIBLE work Keturah with One Last Avocado did for my wedding. I cried when I saw the flowers the day of as they were exactly what I envisioned. I didn't think it was possible given my budget and timeline. Highly recommend her for any of your events.

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